Testimonials For Yvonne’s Art Studio

A Place of Light & Inspiration

“Yvonne’s Studio is a place of light and inspiration. Daylight is streaming in from the large windows with breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge, illuminating her beautiful oil paintings and ceramics. The paintings cover everything from serene landscapes to an arresting series of pomegranate studies, and the ceramics are both decorative and utility objects in flowing organic shapes.” – Phillip M.

A Creative & Authentic “Other World”

“Set one foot in Yvonne Pepin Wakefield’s water’s edge studio and you are immediately swept into her creative and authentic ‘other-world’. Yvonne’s work embodies her experiences in life, which are far-reaching and deep. Whether it be a landscape, a pomegranate, figure or a raku-fired piglet, her art has soul, and so does her space; which is also a true expression of Yvonne that one can only know for themselves.” – Heidi F.